Progiene Product Range

Progiene Product Range

The innovative Progiene range has been developed to meet current dairy farmer needs and offer cost effective milk quality solutions. Premium quality and effectiveness come as standard and all products are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 and GMP protocols.


Hand sanitisers, hand wash and surface sanitisers manufactured in the UK.


Our new range of lactic acid teat dips provide the answer to effective bacterial kill whilst exfoliating dead skin which can harbour bacteria. Lactic acid can also help to remove keratin, the hard skin that can build-up on teat ends leading to increased clinical mastitis. The range is available in sprayable or barrier formulations providing a versatile choice suitable for all milking systems.


Our range of chlorhexidine teat dips, sprays and foams has been designed to provide pre and post milking udder care solutions to combat the bacterial challenges found on most farms. In addition to controlling bacteria our products contain glycerine and lanolin for outstanding teat condition.


Our extensive range of iodine teat dips, sprays and foams has been specifically formulated to provide pre and post milking udder health solutions to suit individual challenges found on farm. Whilst disinfecting teats, the high levels of glycerine and lanolin will leave teats feeling smooth and supple and in superb condition.


This range of highly effective alkaline cleaning chemicals has been designed to offer ultimate performance to ensure the production of high quality milk when using all types of milking machines. Our formulations are effective in the removal of fat and protein deposits whilst leaving surfaces free from bacteria. The range consists of liquid and powder cleaners ensuring a choice of versatile products to the end user.


Acid products are effective against milkstone deposits (the combination of minerals in milk and water) and work by dissolving minerals and holding them in solution until the wash solution is discarded. They often contain either phosphoric, sulphuric or nitric acid, although phosphoric acid tends to be most commonly used due to its non-aggressive effect on stainless steel equipment and plastics.


DEFRA approved disinfectants are an ideal aid in the prevention of disease. The Progiene range of DEFRA approved disinfectants offer solutions for TB, Foot and Mouth, Swine Vesicular Disease, Diseases of Poultry and General Orders, bacterial spores, moulds, fungi and viruses. They are especially useful for the cleaning and disinfection of livestock transportation, housing and as a boot dip for anyone moving between controlled areas on the farm. Progiene disinfectants can also be used for the cleaning and sanitising of utensils and equipment and are safe to use for calf feeding equipment and buckets.


Clusterflushing using peracetic based disinfectants has been proven to be effective in the removal of pathogens related to milk quality and herd health. Application of disinfectant may be via automatic cluster flush equipment, hand held sprayers or manual disinfection methods.


Daily foot bathing using an effective disinfectant alongside mobility scoring, foot trimming and sound record keeping will go a long way to reducing the impact of lameness problems. To help optimise the performance of your footbathing regime and help reduce infections related to lameness, the recommendation is to footbath daily using a 3m long footbath and to use at least 1 litre of solution per cow. E.g. in a 200 litre footbath, change the solution after 200 cow passes.


Our range of caustic based products is designed to remove fat and proteins from milking equipment. From traditional powder cleaning of bulk milk tanks to products for soaking milk filters, we can offer solutions to meet your every need.


Our General Care range consists of high performance foaming and non-foaming pressure washing detergents, non-chlorinated liquid cleaners for automatic bottlewashing systems, hand sanitising and cleaning products and a highly absorbent bedding powder have been specifically formulated for use on livestock farms.


If you run your knuckles down over the feed surface and it hurts, it will discourage cows from licking the surface clean and finishing their ration. Feed Screed is designed to encourage intakes by providing a ‘plate’.


When cows are dried off it can take a week for the natural protective plug to form. T-Hexx® Dry-E provides a physical anti-bacterial barrier, giving environmental protection to the teats during this period.