New defence in the battle against TB

At the recent NFU conference, Liz Truss outlined the government’s commitment to defeating bovine TB, and highlighted that they were on course to declare half of England TB-free by 2019.

However, with more and more TB approved disinfectant products being removed from the market, there has been less choice for farmers when considering how to tackle the disease. 

Bucking this trend, Progiene announced at UK Dairy Expo that Coxicur is now DEFRA (iv) approved as an effective disinfectant for TB, on top of its general orders approval.

Progiene technical manager, Alison Clark, explains, “The addition of Coxicur in the fight against TB provides farmers with a reliable, cost effective solution, providing a non-corrosive option, suitable for use on vehicles, which is QAC and chlorine free. 

“The disinfectant is already DEFRA approved against coccidiosis, cryptosporidium, viruses, bacteria, moulds and yeasts. With its new TB approval it’s become a one-stop shop to cover all your disinfectant needs.”

Alison continues, “The fact that Coxicur now has General Orders and TB approval means it can now be used at livestock marts, for lairage areas, and can also be used as an effective boot dip. Unlike peracetic acid based disinfectants, Coxicur is non-corrosive, and so is suitable for use on vehicles.

“We’re dedicated to helping provide effective cost-effective solutions, so are thrilled to offer Coxicur to farmers as an all-encompassing disinfectant,” Alison concludes.