12 Years of using UdderGold Platinum & PREgold

The Spencer family have been using UdderGold® Platinum and PREgold for 12 years after having high SCC results.


“Rod Smith suggested we should give this product a go, and it reduced the cell count to 160 over a short period of time.

We have moved away from UdderGold® Platinum twice before as we had been persuaded to try another product. Both times it was the worst decision as the SCC rose to over 400 and we saw an increase in mastitis. At present we only have 3 cows with mastitis out of 440 in milk.”

UdderGold® Platinum is also effective at removing warts and hyperkeratosis. “Occasionally, we have heifers come into milk with warts but within weeks they disappear after using UdderGold® Platinum.

I like to see UdderGold® Platinum is still visible on the teats at the next milking, great for peace of mind.

UdderGold® Platinum is a great product, it works and I wouldn’t change it now, I’ve learnt my lesson.



PREgold is also an excellent pre-milking product, you get clean teats, it stimulates the cow for quick milk down which results in the cow milking out quicker and doesn’t add any time to our milking routine.”

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Thank you to The Spencer Family for providing us with this excellent testimonial, we value feedback on all our products so if you have some feedback please do let us know.